Hello! My name is Scott Rickert and I am the proprietor of Final Touch Painting, LLC. I am also a proud Colorado native. My family and I live on the west side of town in a quiet part of Morrison just against the foothills. My daughter goes to school in the Jefferson County School district.


     I have worked in the trades for almost two decades now. Tiling and painting have always been among my favorites because of their requirements for attention to detail. Tile was great work and incredibly fun but had a couple of draw backs I couldn’t ignore. The first being, it is really hard on the body, knees especially. The second, how many tile jobs are actually outside? It would drive me crazy to unload my equipment on a beautiful day and then spend the rest of my day inside cooped up in a bathroom or a kitchen while the sun screamed through the BIG BLUE Colorado sky.


And the winner is… Painting! Best of all worlds, Interior and Exterior!


     I learned from some of the best and most knowledgeable painters around and I am grateful for the time they spent on me. After being told by one of my last mentors, “I can’t teach you much more, about all there is left would be for you to learn how to run your own business.” So, after some thought, that is exactly what I did and, in 2011, the model for Final Touch Painting was born.


     The first 1 ½ years were amazing! I painted and learned and networked and grew… In fact, grew so fast by word of mouth alone that I hit my 4 year goal by the end of year two. By then however, I literally hit my personal ‘glass ceiling’ of how much I could work in one year. I needed help as I couldn’t serve all of my clients by myself.


     That is when I took the next step and Final Touch Painting, LLC was officially founded in 2013. Don’t let the born on date fool ya though! I have learned through the years that you cannot teach attention to detail. You either have it or you don’t. My teams have it. I have surrounded myself with reliable, detail oriented teams that value working for Final Touch Painting, as I value them.

Final Touch Painting
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